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Product Responsibility

Genesis Energy’s main products are electricity and gas.

Genesis Energy does not control the use of its products.  However, the Company advises its customers on how to use these products safely.  It also works actively to promote energy efficiency in its own operations as well as by providing customers with advice and support on improving their energy efficiency.

Information to customers is generally communicated in brochures, newsletters and marketing material, and via the website.

Genesis Energy recognises its role is to supply customers with reliable energy; however, circumstances or events beyond its control may cause power supply to be interrupted.  To ensure the safety of its customers who are medically dependent on electricity or vulnerable because of their reliance on electricity, Genesis Energy asks customers to identify if they, or someone in their household, are medically dependent or vulnerable because that person is reliant on electricity, so the Company can include this important information on the customer’s Genesis Energy account.


Genesis Energy has always had a strong notion of ‘doing the right thing’ embedded into its culture.  Compliance with legal, regulatory and best practice requirements is a priority for the Company.   There is an expectation that all people employed or engaged by Genesis Energy are responsible for carrying out their respective day-to-day responsibilities and business activities in a way that ensures compliance (whether it be legal or non-legal compliance).     

Through a Company-wide Compliance policy all Genesis Energy personnel are provided with a clear understanding that they are responsible for carrying out their respective day-to-day responsibilities and business activities, in a way that ensures compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, standards and organisational policies and procedures. 

Key Themes

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